Top 5 Tips to Looking & Booking

Booking entertainment for any event can be tricky but for your wedding it can mean the difference between a great day and an unforgettable day.

With experience organising large scale events, as well as performing at them, I have a unique advantage of seeing how things work best from both sides.

So here’s my Top 5 Tips to keep in mind when looking & booking.


1. Go Direct

Approaching the act directly means you speak to them and not an agency. It means you get the best price and gives you the ability to talk through your big day with the performer which is essential when creating the day you’ve always dreamed of. Agencies might advertise your act at a lower price however they then usually add on VAT and other charges making it more expensive in the long run. More importantly to me going direct keeps everything personal, friendly and unique which is how every wedding should be planned.



2. Meet Face to Face

If your act doesn’t offer to meet you face to face (the best ones usually do!) then ask them. If they seem reluctant or keep putting it off then be wary. It’s often the sign of a part-time entertainer or someone who isn’t fully confident with the skills they are attempting to sell. As part of my award winning service I will always offer to meet my clients at a time that suits them. Why? Because I like to get to know my Bride & Grooms!



3. Get a free demo

Entertainers love to perform and so shouldn’t hesitate when asked. After all, it’s our job! Sometimes it might not be appropriate for them to give you a live demo, say if they are perhaps a singer or saxophonist and on those occasions get yourself a free CD so you can listen to the tracks on the way home. If they’re really prepared they might even have the tracks ready for you to listen to at the



4. Find those Recommendations

Recommendations can be tricky as they vary in strength and validity between suppliers. By far the best recommendations come from previous clients in the form of testimonials. If your entertainer does not have plenty to look through then be very wary. Like me, they should have lots and lots from very happy customers.

The next best recommendations then come from other top suppliers such as photographers, venues and DJ’s who would work with your entertainer frequently.

Be careful with just accepting logos of big companies as proof of an entertainers quality as these can often just be copied from websites and aren’t a true ‘testimonial’ or recommendation. If the testimonial is written make sure they are validated with the name of the person who gave it or they could just be made up.

Finally, don’t just book someone because Aunty Jackie’s counsin’s friend once saw them in the pub. Just because they liked them, it doesn’t mean you will! On that note…



5. Like your entertainer

And I don’t just mean on Facebook! (However please feel free to head to my page!) It may sound really obviously however I think it’s really important that when you meet your entertainer that you actually like them and get on with them. Ultimately they are going to play a part in the biggest day of your life and you want people you like to be there. Like me, your entertainer should be enthusiastic about taking part in your day and be excited to hear your plans.



So that’s my Top 5 Tips to Looking & Booking. I hope it helps you when planning your perfect wedding and…

If you’re interested in looking (& booking) an Award Winning Magician for your big day then just get in touch by clicking here.

It’d be great to hear your plans!

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