Just Engaged? Here’s 5 Pre Planning Wedding Tips you need to know.

Well Congratulations! You’re engaged and now the fun really starts!

But where to start?… Well these are my top 5 pre planning wedding tips that you need to know before delving into the world of wedding planning. If you follow these 5 easy wedding tips you should find that you approach your planing with much more certainty.

After all, we want to make sure that your wedding is amazing. Oh, and as stress free as possible!


1. Gather your troops


The first thing to do when you’ve just got engaged is to tell everyone about it. This is big news and the world needs to know! You’re excited, they’re excited and so now’s the perfect time to gather your troops.

The ‘BFFs’, ‘The Girls’, the guys and the lads. Think about who you want as bridesmaids & groomsmen. These will be your ‘go to’ people on the day (and leading up to it!) so think about who you can’t be without. Your family are equally as important so don’t forget that they want to be involved too. When it comes to weddings, the more the merrier and every person involved will make your day feel even more special.

Ultimately, your friends and family can help provide invaluable experience, ideas, inspiration and when it comes to getting stuck in they’ll be right by your side.

wedding tips manchester wedding magician photographer sam fitton david stubbs engagement need to know bride and bridemaids

Images by Manchester wedding photographer David Stubbs.

wedding tips manchester wedding magician photographer sam fitton david stubbs engagement need to know groom and groomsmen

2. Set your date


Your date is just that, yours. It’s the day you’ll get married and for every year after that, your anniversary.

What date you choose is absolutely personal to you and your other half although there are considerations to take into account before you think about just sticking a pin in a calendar!

Traditionally weddings take place in the warmer months. Because of this venues and also a lot of wedding suppliers have higher fees around this time. You’re expected to have better weather but being in the UK nothing is guaranteed and so you’ll always have to have a wet weather plan (just in case).

The winter months can offer spectacular backdrops as light fades quicker and sunsets come to life during the mid-afternoon. Venues are often less expensive and you can plan for the inevitability of colder weather. Pimms may fall off the drinks menu but it’s replaced with spiced mulled ciders and warming winter gluhwein. Happy days!

In my opinion your date really doesn’t matter so long as the people you love, the friends you cherish and the family you’re stuck with are all there to enjoy your big day. That’s what matters most.

wedding tips manchester wedding magician sam fitton save the date amoretto weddings

Image & ‘Save the Date’ by Amoretto Weddings

3. What makes you.. well, you? 


If you’ve not already… Go get a note pad. Right now.

Before you even begin to scout venues or go to numerous wedding fairs and become bamboozled by the amount of choice there is in the wedding industry you need to take a step back and think about what makes you and your other half the people that you are.

  • What do you like?
  • What’s your passion?
  • Your hobbies?
  • Your style?
  • Your greatest moments together (so far!)?

Seriously make a list as trust me this will make your planning so much easier. It’ll give you an idea of how you want to dress your wedding, the colour scheme and perhaps even a theme. From Doctor Who to Disney. Winter Wonderland’s to a 1960’s vintage summers. I’ve been to a wide array of weddings that dazzled guests with surprising subtleties. Takethe picture below. Laura & David love Disney and so their wedding had an ‘enchanted forest!’

4. Do your homework


Remember those troops? Well, it’s time to pick their brains! Discover the ‘Do’s & Dont’s’ and have a think about the weddings you might have already been to…

  • What did you like (or not like) about them?
  • What worked well and what didn’t?
  • Do you want a church wedding or ceremony at the venue?

Combine this info with the answers to Tip 3 ‘What makes you, you?’ and you’ve almost got everything you need to see how your big day will shape up!

With your wedding file now crammed with ideas (yes, I know you’ve already got a wedding file) and a date in mind you can now start exploring all of the amazing wedding venues that are around.

5. Prioritise the unique


It’s really easy to get caught up in wedding fever and rush out with only the dress and cake in mind. But.. And this is a big ‘but’… you need to prioritise the unique.

In the immortal words of Chesney Hawkes, “I am the one and only” and the same is true about your photographer, DJ, band, videographer  and your magician! These people book up fast and so speaking to them as soon as you have a date and venue is really important.

The best people are always available for chat about your plans, even in the early stages! Most of us get booked up around 18 months in advance however this differs depending on what day / time of year you decide to get married.

The safest bet is to get in touch as soon as you can, secure your date, and bring them along on your wedding planning journey! You never know what clever wedding planning tips, tricks and ideas they might just bring to the table!

That’s the 5 pre planning wedding tips…

Well there you have it! I hope you find these tips useful, as they have come from couples that have been there before you! I always meet my couples before their wedding and I’m always sure to ask them what they would have found useful and these were their top five!


Thanks so much for reading and have fun on your own planning adventure!

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