Curing the curse of the Wedding ‘Lulls’

“Everyone’s worst nightmare is that their guests will be bored at their wedding.”


I’ve spoken to hundreds of Brides & Grooms during my career and it seems like a problem that can really keep you awake at night. It’s a common fear among the soon to be Wed but don’t worry you’re not alone and there is a solution.


Having been to lots (and I mean lots!) of weddings I can safely say that I know how they work. By that I mean what happens when, the order of the day, the schedule and how it all fits together. With that comes the insight to detect when there will be ‘lulls’ in your big day.


What do I mean by ‘lulls?’ Well these are usually the times (as an in demand Bride & Groom) that you are detached from your guests or the gaps between key moments in the day such as between the ceremony and wedding breakfast.


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Photo by Jake Moore Photography


As an award winning magician I simply make the lulls disappear! I entertain your guests when you’re not around, or even if you are and you just want to relax and enjoy the magic too! You can take it easy and know that you and you’re guests are being well looked after by a professional.


I advise my prospective customers to think about the moments in the day when I can have most impact, where you get best value for money. This is usually when, as a Bride & Groom, you are whisked away by the photographer, leaving your guests to mingle in the hotel bar or outside the reception venue.


Hiring me ensures your guests will even enjoy the times they are not with you on your big day. You’ll hear cries of laughter and whispers of excitement as I mingle with your guests and perform my award winning magic. Lots of people have chosen to have me at their wedding and I am always humbled to play a part in the proceedings. You can read some of my customer feedback on my testimonials page.


Please feel free to get in touch if you would like any further information or contact me!


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