Amazing Customer Feedback

As you all know I entered ‘The Wedding Industry Awards’ and was thrilled to be awarded as the ‘North West’s Best Wedding Entertainment.’ (Here’s my favourite shot from the night! Sums up the fun!)


It was down to the kind, lovely, tear jerking-ly beautiful words of my awesome Bride & Groom’s that won me an award that I am so proud to have received.

I took a big gamble quitting a perfectly good job and working full time as a magician and I’m not going to lie, it’s been hard at times however I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I have.


“excellent delivery of tricks and increased the friendly relaxed atmosphere. exactly what I was looking for.”


“Sam was captivating. He spoke to every guest and everyone commented on how mind blowing his tricks are. A real talking point for our day. Fabulous memories to cherish. Our kids are still trying to repeat some of his stuff they’ve been inspired. A lively, lovely and charismatic gentleman.”


“The thought of having a magician at a wedding seemed perhaps ‘cheesy’, but Sam is everything but! He fits into the crowd seamlessly and entertains all ages. He entertained guests whilst photographs being taken, his tricks were like nothing I’d ever seen before! Perfect addition to our perfect day!”


“I could not recommend Sam enough. From the initial booking up until the day we had good communications.On the day, the magic was fantastic. I had so many wonderful comments off my guests, he really was a massive hit. Aside from the impressive magic, Sam is really a very genuinely lovely man.”


“We couldn’t have been more pleased with Sam.He entertained the guests as they arrived at the venue when we were having photos then did a special trick for me and hubby which is still amazing me a year on!He did a trick for my nan as it was her bday. Everyone is still commenting how great he was! ACE!”


“From the first phone call I knew we had made the right choice. Sam was communicative and engaging and quickly established what we wanted. His advice was spot on! He judged the guests and the event perfectly. The show was superb and provided jaw dropping entertainment for young and old alike.”


“Sam was a brilliant magician he shocked ourselves and our guests, our guests all said ‘wow how did he do those tricks’, he was such a friendly man which makes it extra special when it is your wedding day, the gifts and special tricks he did for the bride and groom was a lovely gesture.”


“Sam was a brilliant addition to my wedding. He did lots of amazing tricks. He went to all our tables, he spoke to all our guests. He stayed longer than he was booked for. He did a trick for myself & my husband that blew our minds. He even gave us a gift. My husband says “He was awesome.”


“Sam was great really made myself and my new wife feel special with his final personal performance! Lots of the guests have since commented saying “how the trick blew them away”


“Sam was a brilliant addition to our day. He left everyone amazed and with some brilliant memories that they will think about for years to come. I think Sam was great value for money and provided excellent customer service. On the day he was well presented, punctual and his act was flawless.”


“Sam is a wonderful character and an amazing magician. The guests at our wedding thought he was fantastic and many commented that they couldn’t believe a ‘wedding magician’ could be that good! Professional, exciting, full of personality & very talented.”


“Sam was a great asset to our wedding. He was very funny with great tricks and kept the guests entertained brilliantly during breaks in the schedule.”


“Excellent service, slick and professional and ended up being a great addition to our wedding! We loved having Sam at our wedding and he helped make our day just that little bit more special and memorable.”


“Sam is a simply a great person who comes over as genuinely caring, his contact and the content of all our exchanged e-mails has been amazing as are his acts “Trickology” and his close up table magic. Sam definitely deserves to be considered a winner because that is what he is.”


“He is truly amazing.! We could not figure out any of his tricks and were totally enthralled by by his entertaining routine. He was so funny and extremely courteous to all our guests who thoroughly enjoyed his act. He arrived early and chatted easily with everyone in a really relaxed way.”



Again I can’t thank my lovely bunch of Bride & Groom’s enough for having me there, sharing your big day with me and allowing me to play what now seems a much bigger role than I ever could have imagined.

Thanks so much for reading,



Manchester, UK.

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