10 Reasons to Book Sam

Why am I better than Dave down the pub? Or auntie Jackie’s sister’s nephew’s cousin? Well I’ll tell you why!


1) I’m never late

I always arrive at least one hour before I am due to start so should there be any last minute changes to plan, I’m there and I’m ready whenever you need me.


2) I’m flexible

(not in the body sense, well may be a little)

I realise things don’t always run exactly to time. What event does? So I’m happy to change times so long as it’s reasonable and practical.


3) I do amazing magic

Really! I do! I was even North West Champion. But don’t take my word for it, take a look at my customer testimonials. There’s not a rabbit in sight only high class, visual miracles.


4) I have a sense of humour

If laughter is medicine for the soul then I’m also a Doctor!  My act is aimed to entertain as well as amaze. And I’m one of only a few magicians that understand that.


5) I have 100% customer satisfaction

And that’s a fact and my feedback proves it! Every client has sent me either a letter, email or thank you card for my services. Which is always lovely to hear.


6) I’m award winning!

And not because I got the most ‘Likes’ on Facebook. But real awards like North West Magic Champion and The Wedding Industry Award’s UK’s ‘Best Wedding Entertainment‘ 2015!


7) I’m a nice guy

I like to build rapport with my clients and their guests so that everyone can relax and enjoy themselves. Many of my past clients are now good friends.


8) I look dead good in a suit

I come suited and booted, polished, sharp and dressed to impress. I can even match my attire to the chosen colours of your event. That’s ideal for weddings!


9) I’m versatile

Aunty Mavis. Sorted. Teenager Tom. Got it. Great Nana Doris. No problem.

I’ve performed everywhere from Corporate events to 80th Birthdays and I’ve wowed them all! All ages are catered for.


10) The magician your guests can’t stop talking about

I can blend into the evening like a ninja in the night or I can dazzle your diners with flair and flamboyance. I gauge the tone and it works a charm.

You’ll hear whispers of excitement and cries of laughter. Your event will be remembered for all the right reasons and for years to come. And why? Because you booked that magician everyone in the room is talking about.


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